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ISSN 0975–1459

Volume 3, Issue 7,July 2011.

Assessment of the Water Sorption Properties of Several Microcrystalline Celluloses
Pages: 1302-1309
John Roja, Sebastian Moren, Alvin Lopez
Abstract | PdficonPDF (1.12MB)
Study of Some Benzimidazole Compounds as Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents
Shefali Arora
Abstract | PdficonPDF (536 K)
Pilot Study on Barriers Influencing the Compliance towards Dietary Intake in Diabetic Patients
Pages: 1315-1321
Siti Maisharah S.G, Mohd Baidi Bahari, Syed Wasif Gillani
Abstract | PdficonPDF (505 K)
Formulation, Development & Evaluation of Oral Fast Dissolving Anti-Allergic Film of Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride
Pages: 1322-1325
Sandeep Saini , A.Nanda, J.Dhari
Abstract | PdficonPDF (677 K)
A Study on the Interaction of 5-Fluorouracil with Human Serum Albumin using Fluorescence Quenching Method
Pages: 1326-1329
S. Bakkialakshmi, D. Chandrakala
Abstract | PdficonPDF (598 K)
Evaluation of the Leaves of Ipomoea aquatica for its Hypoglycemic and Antioxidant Activity
Pages: 1330-1333
Kaiser Hamid ,Mohammad Obayed Ullah ,Shapna Sultana ,Md. Amran Howlader ,Debasish Basak
Fatema Nasrin ,Muhammad Mukhlesur Rahman
Abstract | PdficonPDF (519 K)
An Evaluation of Relative Bioavailability of Anastrozole Tablets 1 mg in Healthy, Adult, Postmenopausal/Surgically Sterile Indian Female Human Subjects under Fasting Conditions.
Pages: 1334-1337
Francis Micheal, Ganesan. M, S. Saranya, Dr Sridevi, A.Riyasudeen, Judith M P
Abstract | PdficonPDF (550K)
Plant Poisoning: Increasing Relevance, a Problem of Public Health and Education. North-western Italy, Piedmont region.
Pages: 1338-1343
Franca Davanzo, Sergio Miaglia, Sandro Perego, Francesca Assisi, Maurizio Bissoli, Rossana Borghini,
Federica Cassetti, Tiziana Della Puppa, Valeria Dimasi, Chiara Falciola, Marcello Ferruzzi, Paola A. Moro,
Giscardo Panzavolta , Ilaria Rebutti, Fabrizio Sesana, Paolo Severgnini, Adriana Tomoiaga, Angelo
Travaglia1, Sabina Zanardi, Joannhe Georgatos, Maria Laura Colombo
Abstract | PdficonPDF (571K)
9. Effects of Cyclodextrins,Tween-80 and PVP on the Solubility and Dissolution Rate of Etoricoxib
Pages: 1344-1348
Abstract | PdficonPDF (576 K)
10. Bioavailability of Two Sublingual Formulations of Nitroglycerin 0.6 mg :A Randomized, Open-label, Single-dose, Two period, Crossover, Comparison in Healthy, Indian, Adult Volunteers.
Pages: 1349-1353
Francis Micheal, Ganesan. M, S. Saranya, Dr Sridevi, N. Aparna, R.Chithra, Judith M P
Abstract | PdficonPDF (588 K)
11. Screening of Antineoplastic Activity of Oscillatoria Annae against Diethyl Nitrosamine Induced Cancer in Rats
Pages: 1354-1359
Pallavi Vawhal , R. Rajavel2, Vaishali Mute, Deorao Awari
Abstract | PdficonPDF (556 K)
12. Hepatoprotective Effect of Aegle Marmelos (L.) Corr. Leaf Powder (Crude) Against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Damage in Albino Rats
Pages: 1360-1363
Kuncha Jayachandra ,Thirunavukkarasu Sivaraman
Abstract | PdficonPDF (526 K)

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