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ISSN 0975–1459

Volume 4, Issue 3 March 2012.

Pages: 1755-1757
Hussain Saheb S, Muralidhar P Shepur ,  S.D Desai, S.T Thomas, Haseena S
Abstract | PdficonPDF (552K)
Animal Models of Dry Eye Disease- A Review
Pages: 1758-1760
Vijay D. Wagh, Dipak U. Apar and Sanjay J. Surana
Abstract | PdficonPDF (480 K)
Elongated Styloid Process
Pages: 1761-1763
Hussain Saheb S, Muralidhar P Shepur ,  S.D Desai, S.T Thomas, Haseena S
Abstract | PdficonPDF (538 K)
Estimation of Biomarker Epicatechin  in Ethanolic Bark extract of Acacia catechu willd by HPLC method

Lakshmi.T , Anitha magesh , Rajendran.R
Abstract | PdficonPDF 512 K)
Study of Pharmaceutical Formulations Used in the Management of Hypertension in Nsukka, Nigeria
Pages: 1768-1773
Ayogu, I.J, Chukwu, A. and Obitte, N.C.
Abstract | PdficonPDF (584 K)
Prevalence and Measure of Self Medication: A Review
Pages: 1774-1778
Bushra Ali Sherazi, Khawaja Tahir Mahmood, Fatima Amin, Mariam Zaka, Munaza Riaz, Ayesha Javed
Abstract | PdficonPDF (513 K)
7. Prescribing Trends of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs used in Dental Outpatient Department of A Tertiary Hospital in Nepal
Pages: 1779-1782
Ajit Kumar Shah, Santosh Kumar Yadav, Phoolgen Sah, Rajesh Kumar Jha
Abstract | PdficonPDF (594 K)
Relationship between hormonal changes and folliculogenesis in Polycystic ovarion syndrome women
Pages: 1783-1788
Dhanalakshmi. Ganesan., Sumathi Palaniswamy, Pasupathy Palaniswamy
Abstract | PdficonPDF (619 K)
9. Anti-inflammatory Activity of Mimosa pudica Linn. (Mimosaceae) Leaves: an Ethnpharmacological study
Pages: 1789-1791
Sunil Mistry, R. Patidar, V.Vyas, J.Jena and K.R.Dutt
Abstract | PdficonPDF (480 K)

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