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Vol4 Issue 11 JPSR

ISSN 0975–1459

Volume5, Issue 4 April 2013.

1. Overview on Buccal Drug Delivery Systems
Pages: 80 - 88
N. G. Raghavendra Rao, B. Shravani, Mettu Srikanth Reddy
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Comparative Study of Different Staining Techniques - Ziehlneelsen Stain, Gabbet’s Stain, Fluorochrome Stain for Detecting of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in the Sputum
Pages: 89 - 92
Balakrishna J, P.R. Shahapur , Chakradhar P, Hussain Saheb S
Abstract | PdficonPDF (663 K)
Study of Biochemical Parameters as Predictive Factors of Nash
Pages: 93 - 96
Pandit Vinodh.Bandela, Havilah polur , Durga Prasd Kedam , Ramakumar , Hussain Saheb Shaik
Abstract | PdficonPDF (799 K)
Microsponges Enriched Gel (MEGs): A Novel Strategy for Opthalmic Drug Delivery System Containing Ketotifen
Pages: 97 - 102
Jaya Raja Kumar, Selvadurai Muralidharan and Sanggetha Ramasamy
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