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ISSN 0975–1459

Volume 4, Issue 1 January 2012.

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Gel of Basella alba for wound healing activity
Pages: 1642-1648
Mohammed Haneefa K.P, Guru Prasad Mohanta, Chandini Nayar
Abstract | PdficonPDF (1041 K)
Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Predisposing Risk Factors of Myocardial Infarction- A Review
Sadia Huma, Rabia Tariq, Dr Fatima Amin, Dr. Khawaja Tahir Mahmood
Abstract | PdficonPDF (472 K)
Preliminary Phytochemical Investigation and in vitro Evaluation of Anthelmintic Activity of Pergularia extensa
Pages: 1654-1656
Arasan Elayaraja ,Sheikh Abdul Rahaman
Abstract | PdficonPDF (349 K)
Enhancement of Dissolution and Anti- inflammatory Activity of Meloxicam by Spherical Agglomeration Technique
Pages: 1657-1661

Alladi saritha, Nalini shastri, Sadanandam, Anantha lakshmi
Abstract | PdficonPDF (960 K)
Scientific Evidence of Ethnobotanical and Mediterranean Knowledge of Food- and Well-Being Plants
Pages: 1662-1671
M.L. Colombo, S. Dalfrà , B. Scarpa
Abstract | PdficonPDF (736 K)
Analytical Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Lumifantrine in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by HPLC
Pages: 1672-1675
Naveen S Kotur,Singaravel Sivasamy, S.Srinivasan
Abstract | PdficonPDF (594 K)
7. Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Metformin Hyrochloride with Stevias in Human Volunteers
Pages: 1676-1680
G.Gopi, M.Manikandan, D. Nirmala Roja, S.Thirumurugu, K.Kannan, D.C.Arumainayagam, R.Manavalan
Abstract | PdficonPDF (471 K)
Dynamic Lung Function Tests in Obese
Pages: 1681-1683
Naveen S Kotur, S. C. Hiremath, Nanda B Sappandi, Gurupadappa K
Abstract | PdficonPDF (516 K)
9. Pre - Mensrual Syndrome - A Review
Pages: 1684-1691
Marriam Zaka, Khawaja Tahir Mahmood
Abstract | PdficonPDF (605 K)
10. Using SVM for Identifying Epigenetic Patterns in Microsatellites in Human Sex Determining Genes and its Homologues
Pages: 1692-1696
Sayak Ganguli, Sasti Gopal Das, and Abhijit Datta
Abstract | PdficonPDF (643 K)

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