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ISSN 0975–1459

Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2010.


Pharmacogenomics for Obesity Associated Diabetes: A Review
Pages: 278-293
Manoj N. Patil, Virendra G. Kagathara, Uday N. Harle, Timir B. Patel, Roshni P. Solanki, Khushbu R. Chauhan, Rohini R. Pujari
Abstract | PdficonPDF (397 K)
2. Formulation and Evalution of pH–Induced Povidone Iodine in Situ Gel for Oralthrush
Pages: 294-301
Jaya Raj Kumar.K, Jayachandran.E, Srinivas.G M
Abstract | PdficonPDF (692 K)
Comparative efficacy of humalog mix 75/25 with human Insulin
Pages: 302-307
Pranay wal, Ankita wal, Shivangi Srivastava,Abhinav srivastava, Umeshwar Pandey, Tarun Jain, Awani k Rai
Abstract | PdficonPDF (277 K)
Formulation and Evaluation of Levofloxacin Using Different Types and Concentrations of Superdisintegrants
Pages: 308-313
Pamula Reddy Bhavanam, Vamshi Krishna Lekkala, Priyanka Maddirala, S. Narender Reddy, A. Sai Krishna, CH. Rajesh
Abstract | PdficonPDF (307 K)
5. Intellectual Property Rights
Pages: 314-316
Silvie Jain,Ginpreet Kaur,V.K. Jain
Abstract | PdficonPDF (207 K)
6. Invitro Anti helmentic Activity of aqueous and alcoholic  extracts of Aerva lanata  Seeds and leaves
Pages: 317-321
D.Anantha, T.Israiel Kumar, M.Santosh kumar, A.Manohar Reddy, N.S.V.Mukharjee, A.Lakshmana Rao
Abstract | PdficonPDF (224 K)

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